Initially, I became a vegetarian and then vegan not for the environment, not for my health, and I wasn’t confident enough to regard myself as an animal lover. I just thought it wasn’t fair when I ate the flesh of an animal I would never dare to slit the throat, and it would be irresponsible if I left that work for another person, let him/her suffer just for my own desire. Gradually, I grew up not wanting to take the milk away from the calves, nor to steal/rob honey and wax from the bees, etc. Even slapping mosquitoes or picking flowers when they’re blooming is something I can’t do anymore. It came in the most natural way and I don’t suffer nor have the feeling of endurance even a little bit from that way of living. I’m at peace, content and have no regrets.
In the storm of people trying to convince others to go vegan/trying to prove that going vegan is stupid, I think the most important thing is the values inside each person which have nothing to do with others. If you think being a vegan is your way, I’m thankful. If you think you are omnivore, I respect your choice. As long as you are aware of your responsibility and respect what you eat, no one should judge you and your preference. On the other hand, please don’t criticize others as if you were ultimately right and they were definitely wrong. That’s all.
And by responsibility, you know what I mean.
…Or not? It simply is Karma 🙂

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